gender innovation principles

Created by UN Women and the Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC) in 2018, the Gender Innovation Principles set standards to guide any organization focused on making the innovation market work better for women.

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Support women innovators and help develop women-centered solutions across the globe

Adopt the Gender Innovation Principles and explore:

• How to include women in innovation design thinking

• What tools to use to measure the effects your innovations have on women and girls’ lives

• How to empower women to pursue their ideas and lead innovation processes


watch THE GICC Principles Launch video


Take action

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Making innovation and technology work for women requires more than talk. We need action. Sign up today to join this important movement.

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Take 10 minutes and try our Assessment Tool to find out how innovative and engaged your organization is to promote gender-responsive solutions.

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Inspire others by sharing your progress in adopting and implementing the Principles. Send us a case study or share some best practices to help others.

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learn and collaborate

See how GICC member organizations are putting the Principles to work and learn from others in our growing global community. Our website offers a broad range of resources including case studies showing how the Principles in action, as well as checklists, training guides and toolkits to use within your organization to promote a gender-responsive approach to innovation.