UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change

As part of UN Women’s innovation strategy to drive industry-wide action in this area, UN Women is creating a Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC). The GICC is a dynamic partnership between UN Women and key representatives from the private sector, academia and nonprofit institutions focused on developing the innovation market to work better for women and to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

Specifically, the GICC will focus on the following actions:

  • Build market awareness of the potential for innovations developed by women that meet the needs of women and girls.

  • Identify the key barriers to women and girl’s advancement in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship;

  • Work collaboratively to identify and take actions to address these barriers and needs at an industry-wide level.


Global Innovation coalition for change programs


Gender Innovation Principles

The aim of the gender innovation principles is to set the standard for a gender responsive approach to innovation. These principles can be applied in all organizations to some degree. The innovation process may be directed at developing goods and services for an external market or may be as simply as improving the way work gets done in an organization. Innovation is a necessary requirement for organizations and institutions to prosper and grow.  More actively involving women throughout the innovation lifecycle will lead to enhanced outcomes for organizations and society.


Gender Innovation Principles and Website

In signing the Principles, participating organizations agree to adopt and implement them in support of UN Women’s and the Global Innovation Coalition for Change’s commitment to make innovation and technology work for women and girls.

Gender Innovation Principle Toolkits

GICC members and UN Women will share best practices, toolkits and case studies across the network of signatory institutions and will also evaluate and improve the principles over time.

Gender Innovation Annual Report

As part of the She Innovates publications, the GICC aims to publish an annual report using the data obtained from companies completing the gender responsive innovation assessment on the principles website.


She Innovates Global Program

The aim of the She Innovates Global Program is to support women in innovation by providing access to development tools, programs and resources. The aim is to connect women innovators worldwide and provide support for the development of innovations that meet the needs of women and girls. 


She Innovates App

The app and platform will connect women innovators, share their stories and provide accesses to development programs. 


She Innovates Global Events and Meet Up’s

This will include, women's networks, universities and partners globally. This also includes key innovation conferences and events.  


She Innovates Award

Women-led solutions that apply for any of Solve’s four Challenges are eligible for the prize. Solutions that advance the needs of women and girls that apply for any of Solve’s four Challenges are eligible for the prize. Each selected Solver Team will receive grant funding of $25,000 or more. Any GICC member can support this initiative. 

She Innovates Labs

The aim is to connect private sector expertise with local women innovators to provide women with the support, expertise and collaboration needed to scale their innovations. Companies get access to talented women innovators while innovators get a chance to test their ideas and collaborate on solutions. Labs are generally a one day event and are created in partnership with UN Women’s Innovation Unit. First lab is piloted in NYC, then San Francisco and South Africa. 


She Innovates Canadian Chapter Pilot

UN Women will pilot a She Innovates local chapter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to understand how a regional chapter can help a particular region overcome the barriers women and girls face. Through a global network of women innovators this program will scale the she innovates movement by supporting women to meet up and collaborate to overcome the barriers women and girls face in their local communities. 


4Good Program south africa

The 4Good program's aim is to promote the development of women innovators in developing contexts in order to support innovations that are developed by women and for women. This is achieved by providing women innovators in South Africa with access to the knowledge, skills and expertise that they need. 


Specifically, the 4Good Program in South Africa is designed to provide women innovators in developing contexts with access to the knowledge, skills and expertise to grow, sustain and scale their businesses. The program is a bespoke 12-month intervention that is geared to accelerate women owned businesses by giving them the necessary tools to shift their businesses from survive to thrive and flourish in a notably male dominated entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa.

The 4Good Program will be expected to demonstrate the necessary qualities to take the fullest advantage of this opportunity, including ambitious company growth goals, energy, creativity, entrepreneurial purpose and passion, within the local South African ecosystem with growth goals to expand beyond the SA borders. 

The Program is helps to instil the confidence, conviction, tenacity, plan and overall professional acumen to take their business and scale it into a market leader. The program is intentionally designed to uskill and promote more women innovators, enable a platform for women owned businesses to become more marketable and recognized, enable linkages and networks for women entrepreneurs and innovators.

The 4Good Program alumni will complete the program having the maturity and level of business sophistication needed to interact effectively with potential investors, high-level business advisors and top executives. They will also have a better understanding of tech and digital whereby they will develop ways to disrupt local markets using innovation and strategy. Leadership is a critical component in the program that will build confidence, abilities as a leader and courage to challenge current obstacles and demystify the gender disparity. 




UN Women believes that innovation and technology provide unprecedented opportunities to reach those who are the most likely to be left behind by breaking isolation and creating economies of scale to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Through engagement and partnerships such as the Global Innovation Coalition for Change UN Women believes we can all work together to help women and girls to design, shape and benefit from the technological transformations and innovations changing our world. The following organizations support the SHE INNOVATES GLOBAL PROGRAM.


The complete list of Global Innovation Coalition for Change representatives

  • Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls: Meredith Walker, Founder; Maggie Chieffo, General Manager
  • BHP Billiton: Karen Wood, Chairman of the BHP Billiton Foundation; Athalie Williams, Chief People Officer
  • Businesspros and Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship South Africa: Antoinia Norman, CEO, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship South Africa
  • CISCO: Charu Adesnik, Deputy Director, Cisco Foundation
  • Citi: Yolande Piazza, CEO, Citi FinTech; Corinne Lin, Head of Operations, Citi FinTech
  • DELL: Jackie Glenn, VP Global Diversity and Inclusion; Trisa Thompson, Senior Vice President & Chief Responsibility Officer, Corporate Social Responsibility at Dell Technologies
  • Ellevate Network: Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network
  • Ericsson: Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Senior Vice President, Chief Sustainability & Public Affairs Officer, and Head of Sustainability & Public Affairs; Paul Landers, Program Director Technology for Good
  • EY: Giles Morgan, Associate Partner and Julie Hood, Global Deputy Vice Chair Transaction Advisory Services
  • Facebook: Arielle Gross, Global Program Manager, Creative Shop
  • General Electric: Kelli Wells, Executive Director General Electric Foundation
  • Havas UK: Faye Raincock, Head of Communications
  • HP Inc.: Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer; Michele Malejki, Global Head of Strategic Programs, Sustainability & Social Innovation
  • Johnson & Johnson: Alice Lin Fabiano, Director, Global Community Impact; Carol Montandon, Head of Women’s Leadership Initiative
  • Led by Her: Chiara Condi, Founder
  • JPMorgan Chase: Ali Marano, Executive Director: Technology for Social Good, Diversity & Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase
  • LinkedIn: Nicole Isaac, Head of U.S Public Policy; Sue Duke, Senior Director of Public Policy - EMEA
  • MIT Solve: Hala Hanna, Director, SOLVE at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Alexandra Amouyel, Executive Director, Solve at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • NASDAQ: Brenda Hoffman, Senior Vice President, Global Technology; Rebecca Cameron, Vice President, Corporate Strategy
  • NY Academy of Sciences: Lorraine Hariton, Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships; Stephanie Wortel-London, Director, Education
  • Pax World Management: Joe Keefe, CEO, Pax World; Heather Smith, Lead Sustainability Research Analyst
  • PwC: Ben Zelinsky, PwC Partner Technology Consulting
  • SAP: Jennifer Morgan, Executive Board Member for Global Customer Operations; Sinead Kaiya, COO, Products and Innovation; Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen; Shuchi Sharma, Global Lead for Gender Intelligence, SAP Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Sony: Shiro Kambe, Executive Vice President, Corporate Executive Officer Legal, Compliance, Communications, CSR, External Relations and Information Security & Privacy
  • South32: Patience Mpofu, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability
  • Statoil: Ana Prata Fonseca Nordang, Vice President, People and Organisation
  • Unilever: Jonathan Hammond, Global Marketing Director and Head of Unilever Foundry and Richard Jerrett Senior Global Innovation Manager for Unilever Foundry

For more information on GICC members and leading gender inclusion initiatives across member organizations, please see the GICC members handbook.


Launch of the UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change