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The GICC Gender Innovation Principles are a guide to help you fulfill the ultimate mission of promoting and championing more women and girls. The Principles aim to steer your organization both internally, in its innovation process, and externally, in establishing ways to support women and girls.

By signing up today you are making a commitment for your organization to start the journey in adopting the GICC Gender Innovation Principles. We encourage all organization to sign up and we will continue to support you in your adoption process with access to a self assessment tool, resources and best practices. So join us today and help make innovation and technology work for women.

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TAKE THE Initial Assessment

One assessment tool will help you see where you sit as an organization in terms of your innovation structure around gender equality.

After taking the assessment, the tool will calculate whether you are a struggling, growing, professional or exemplar innovator. The key to successfully implementing the principles will be based on your honesty in answering these questions. Once you have completed the assessment, the tool will explain what you have done so far and what you need to do to progress to the next level.

We suggest that you take the assessment each year to see how your organization is progressing and to help you keep on track. UN Women GICC understand that this is a long journey and that each organization is unique with different challenges around this subject. Our role is to support you on this journey.

Learn Where You Stand

Once you have taken the initial assessment, you will be informed of your current standing in terms of the innovation principles. If for example, after taking the initial assessment you are deemed a ‘Growing Innovator’, you will be given a description of what you’re doing well and what you need to do to move further on your journey. In addition to this, we will outline the actions you need to take to get to the next level, a ‘Professional Innovator’.


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use Supplementary Tools

Our website also has lots of case studies from other organizations around the globe to learn and draw inspiration from. As you embark or continue on your journey, you will also find other tools and practical advice to help you achieve your objectives.


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