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Case Studies


Principles in Action

Private Sector Case Studies


 SAP Case Study -  Principle 1 in Practice

Goal:  Making a high-level commitment to adopt a gender responsive approach 


BHP Case Study - Principle 3 in action 

Goal: Adopt an adaptive approach to implementation to ensure innovations are gender responsive and meet the needs of women 


MIT Case Study -  Principle 5 in Practice 

Goal: Assess innovations for application in different countries and context



Principles in Action

UN Women case studies


Principle 1: Making a High-Level commitment to adopt a gender responsive Approach.

Goal: help identify gender bias and provide scientists and engineers with practical methods for sex and gender analysis that can be integrated into basic and applied research.


Principle 2: Design innovations that include women as end users

Goal: help develop proof of concepts of investing in innovations developed by women for women and girls, particularly
for marginalized groups.. 


Principle 3: Obtain feedback from women and adopt an adaptive approach

Goal: collect user feedback to find out what was working and what could be improved on the platform.


Principle 4: Understand the data gaps and use-real time information to inform decisions

Goal: help complement traditional data collection tools by using big data tools which provides more granular, near real-
time information.


Principle 5: Assess innovations for application in different countries and context

Goal: Develop a platform that can be adaptable to various supply chains and local market configurations.


Annual Report

On the 17th of March 2019, International Women’s Day, in support of UN Women’s GICC EY will produce the first Gender Responsive Innovation report, which will include a summary of best practices and case studies as it relates to advancing women in innovation and technology as well as developing innovations that meet the needs of women and girls.

The report is a first of its kind and will provide a global benchmark and set of recommendations for how the private sector can begin to make innovation and technology work for women and girls.

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