Do you regularly take a paracetamol? Is it increasingly difficult to stay off diazepam, for example?

Possibly you are addicted to medication. It is a common problem in Dutch society and similar to, for example, an addiction to alcohol or cannabis. The medication has a narcotic effect, which takes your mind off your worries for a while. The use of medication can be a form of escape behavior. As with alcohol, for example, a medication will have less and less effect. As a result, you are tempted to increase the dose. Changes GGZ is an organization that helps to get rid of such an addiction. The sooner you start treatment, the easier it is to break free from the medication at one pharmacy.

Follow the instructions on the packaging of the medication

An important first step in preventing an addiction to medication is to follow the instructions on the package. These instructions tell you exactly how many pills you can take and the time period between them. In addition, look carefully at the number of days you can use the medication consecutively. Especially with diazepam it is not recommended to keep taking the medication for several weeks, as its addictive effect is high compared to several other medications.

Discuss the subject with your doctor

If you feel that medication is no longer working properly, you may have taken it too often. Your body adapts, reducing the effect of the medication. These can be the first signs of addiction. You tend to increase the dose in order to feel more of the medication. It is wise to consult a general practitioner before increasing the dose. A general practitioner can tell you more about possible alternatives to the medication you are currently taking. They will also advise you on how many pills you can take of a particular medication to avoid addiction.

Never buy prescription drugs online

Several websites offer medications that you normally can only order with a prescription at the pharmacy. Do not buy these medications! It is not for nothing, that the medications can normally only be purchased with a prescription. Often they are medications with a strong sedative and therefore addictive effect. Also, you don’t know if the medications offered online are reliable and safe.

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