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Share your story

We encourage GICC members to share their progress in adopting and implementing the Principles.

Sharing your story will not only encourage you to document and benchmark your progress but will also help and inspire other organizations around the world to sign up and adopt the Principles to build more gender-responsive innovation.

Some ways you can share your story include:


Are you a GICC member who has adopted at least one of the Principles in your organization? We are interested in receiving written case studies that show the action and results of your work to date. Case studies need to include concrete examples of how you are implementing one or several part/sub-part of the principles. 

To submit your case study please include the information in about 500 words in the following format: 

Part 1: Introduction: A short summary of your organization, the Principle you want to showcase and why.

Part 2: Action: Outline the action you’ve taken to abide by the Principle(s) chosen and including specific examples and details.

Part 3: Impact: What have the results been? Provide data that shows the results of the specific actions.


 If you have tools and resources you believe should be added to our Resources section to help advance adoption of the GICC Principles, please let us know. We would be happy to consider them to help grow our community and collaboration between organizations. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can submit your case study, tools and/or training resources to us by email at: