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Businesses the world over can come together to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment across political, social and economic areas of life. Through taking part in the GICC Action Points Assessment, you can discover how innovative and engaged your company is in the principles and foundations that the GICC are striving to promote.

Designate a lead contact to fill in the assessment on behalf of your company and get involved. Just answer the series of point based questions to find out whether your company is an Exemplar, Professional, Growing or Struggling innovator. There are no right or wrong answers, only outcomes that will help you to make positive decisions in your company.

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The toolkits are designed to address and promote the key principles and tips for reaching women online and researching women’s internet access. The toolkits can help your company further understand the existing gender gaps and inform your services, business models, marketing and communications to increase your effectiveness at connecting women.


A toolkit for researching women’s internet access and use

 This toolkit is the result of a collaboration between the Alliance for Affordable Internet, the World Wide Web Foundation, Association for Progressive Communications and the GSMA


GSMA mHealth Gender Toolkit

This toolkit is a reference guide for mHealth VAS providers and partners, to help improve their services by making them more gender inclusive and reach more female users.


Best Practices

No matter where your company sits on the Action Points Assessment results, the following toolkits will help you make proactive and future facing decisions for your company.


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Today, partnerships and innovation are more important than ever. The Sustainable Development Goals – adopted by all UN Member States in 2015 provides a roadmap to change the course of the 21st century towards a new, fairer, more sustainable world, including a central drive to achieve full equality between men and women by 2030. The achievement of this ambitious agenda will require transformative shifts, integrated approaches, and new solutions. As some of the statistics that I’ve mentioned show – currently we are not on track to achieving the SDGs by 2030. However, multi-stakeholder partnerships and innovation can help to break these trends.

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