un women and the gicc

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Innovation and technology tend to benefit men more than women. This gender gap constrains efforts to achieve gender equality and empowerment and prevents women from becoming both developers and consumers of technology that addresses their needs — and the needs of society as a whole.


Recognizing the transformative power of cross-sector partnerships, UN Women created the Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC) in 2017 with private sector, academic and non-profit institutions that collectively wish to improve women’s access, participation and ability to innovate. Our gender-responsive approach goes beyond acknowledging and raising awareness of gender gaps but also ensures women’s and men’s concerns and experiences are equally integrated in the design of innovative products and services.

The GICC has three main goals:

• Build market awareness of the potential for innovations developed by women that meet the needs of women and girls

• Identify the key barriers to women and girls’ advancement in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship

• Work collaboratively to identify and take actions to address these barriers and needs at an industry-wide level